Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs


1.1. See one of our trained Liaisons who can advise you on products and ideas. Alternatively, you can telephone or email an order through to sales@havenfurniture.co.za.

1.2. An order is only processed on receipt of a 50% deposit.

2.1. Cash (Final payments will have to be paid into our bank account before delivery) no cash may be handed to our delivery staff
2.2. Credit cards – except American Express or Diners Club
2.3. Cheque payments require 8 working days to clear funds and the 8 day period strictly only starts after our date of deposit of the cheque.
2.4. We do not carry cash on the premises even for the use of giving change. We do not give cash change.
2.5. Deposit required = minimum 50% – special orders could require higher deposit. Once furniture has been put into production – special orders may not be cancelled
2.6. Balance payable before delivery takes place. Delivery will only be done once full payment shows in the bank account
Please allow 3 business days for the receipt of EFT funds to be confirmed. Goods will only be released for collection or delivery once the receipt of funds has been confirmed.
2.7. For custom orders and back-order items, a deposit of 50% is required to commence with production and/or to secure the items on back-order. The balance payment must be made by any of the above-mentioned payment methods before delivery is made. Unfortunately, no exceptions will be allowed.
2.8. Payment for products collected from the store must be made in full before the product leaves the store. All delivery charges must be paid in full prior to delivery. Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase. Regrettably, no returns, exchanges or refunds will be considered without the original invoice.
2.9. The product remains the property of Haven Furniture Designs until payment is received in full.
2.10. Unpaid Balances. No warranty or any guarantees comes in effect before all balances are paid in full. Any balance more than thirty (30) days past due shall bear interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum. In the event collection efforts are necessary, the customer shall be responsible for all expenses of collection including attorney’s fees and costs.


3.1. Prices are subject to change without notice after an order has been accepted. Haven Furniture Designs reserves the right to change prices based on changes in quantities or total value of previously provided contract quotations, changes in orders from the purchaser and to correct pricing on orders received which contain modifications from the original order. Unless otherwise acknowledged in writing, prices include packing, but, do not include freight or delivery, in-transit insurance, storage, service, taxes, receiving or installation. Freight can be prepaid by Haven Furniture nor by the purchaser for third party collect payment. All prices are FOB, point of origin, unless stated and acknowledged otherwise.
Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs

4.1. Custom Orders – An order is seen as a custom order when the customer requests any changes to any of our products at the time of ordering or any time thereafter, or requests a total new design from their own sketch or photo. The change of fabric or leather is not seen as custom, although it might prolong delivery.
4.3. Custom orders are made especially for you. Your order becomes binding as soon as we have received your deposit. Custom orders begin production immediately to your specifications (color, size, depth etc.). They cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time. So please make sure the specifications of your order are correct before making the deposit.
4.4. Furniture is all handmade – Measurements are approximate and may vary

5. Re-upholstery.

We do not guarantee your old frames under any circumstances. Therefore there are no warrantees of any kid on reupholstering of old or second-hand furniture.

6.1. Cancelled Orders. You may cancel your order at any time after placing your order.
6.1.1. If your furniture has already been manufactured, you will be responsible for a 50% restocking fee. If at the time of delivery you decide you do not want the furniture or thought it would match your decor better, you can refuse the shipment, at this point you would only be charged the delivery fee and up to a 50% restocking fee.
6.1.2. After our delivery team has left your house and you decide to return the furniture, simply return the furniture to us at your expense and we will gladly give you a refund less up to 50% restocking fee.
6.1.3. You may contact us at any time to check the status of your order.
6.1.4. If furniture orders are cancelled after 7 days of delivery, no refund will take place until the set is sold. Refunds might be 50% if the set is still in its original condition.

6.1.5. Following cancellation of your order, any monies due will be refunded by the method you used to pay and within 30 business days.

6.1.6. HFD reserves the right to cancel an order.


6.2. Returns: 

If you are unhappy with a purchase, you can return it.
6.2.1. When returning a product, you must provide proof of purchase.
6.2.2. The product must be unused and in the original condition. Physically altered or partially disassembled stock may not be returned.
6.2.3. For public health reasons, we cannot accept returns on bed linen, towels and sleepwear.
6.2.4. Wear and tear, product characteristics and explained pre-existing conditions will be considered by HFD prior to acceptance of goods presented for return.
6.2.5. Once a return has been approved, the product may be exchanged for other items or a credit note will be issued. UNFORTUNATELY, NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.
6.2.6. Custom order products cannot be returned after you have received them — unless they are defective.
6.2.7. If you wish for us to collect the product, contact us. We reserve the right to charge you for this service.
Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs
6.2.8. Important: Clearance Sale items are sold voetstoots and cannot be exchanged or returned.

In the unlikely event of a defective product, please contact us it within 24 hours of receiving the product to discuss further steps.
6.3.1. Please do not use the product if you have identified a problem. Defective products are replaced at the discretion of HFD.
6.3.2. The furniture sold by Haven Furniture Designs is warranted by our Factory, except if it is items manufactured by a third party. All merchandise we sell not manufactured by Haven Furniture Designs is from reputable companies with excellent quality control, but defective items are occasionally shipped.
6.3.3. In most cases, defects are of minor nature and can be cleared up in the home by a professional furniture technician.
6.3.4. In the event you receive an item you feel is defective, please send us photographs clearly showing the defect along with a written description so that we can assist you with submitting the claim to the manufacturer.
6.3.5. While none of our suppliers offer refunds for defective furniture, the manufacturer will be willing to repair or replace the item if the situation warrants.
6.3.7. Natural flaws and imperfections in wood add to a piece’s beauty and charm and should not be viewed as damages or defects. Natural leather varies in color and veining, and there is no control over veining or color. Due to the substantial discounts offered by Haven Furniture Designs minor legs and latch alignments as well as minor touch-ups are the customer’s responsibility

6.4. Damaged Furniture.

Occasionally, the furniture may experience minor damage during shipment or it may contain manufacturer defects.
6.4.1. Please take your time and inspect all the furniture upon delivery and denote any damages or defects on the delivery ticket (bill of lading), as it is much easier to have these problems corrected when denoted on the delivery ticket. PLEASE DENOTE ON DELIVERY SLIP EVEN IF YOU KEEP AN ITEM
6.4.2. If you are directed to keep the piece of furniture that is damaged we will we have a professional furniture technician come to your home and correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected back to or better than manufacturer standards, we will have a new piece sent to you at no additional cost.
6.4.3. If you are directed to refuse the item we will have it replaced or repaired (per our manufacturer’s recommendation) and redelivered to you at no additional cost.
6.4.4. In the event an item is returned you may request a loan item until the item is returned to your home
6.4.5. . For extremely simple fixes such as replacing a broken legs and handles, we will courier the parts to you and ask you to install them.


Delivery is made by Haven Furniture Designs or a third party courier service, who specialize in delivering furniture.
7.1. A FEE IS CHARGED FOR ALL DELIVERIES. Delivery charges are payable in full along with any order at the time of placing your order.
7.2. Specific delivery times cannot be made or agreed to at the time of order and HFD may not deliver on weekends or public holidays. However, you will be contacted by our delivery team at least 2 days before your delivery to ensure availability and access. Should you wish to change any of your delivery instructions, please discuss this with your consultant.
7.3. We do not offer storage facilities and therefore reserve the right to charge you for storage costs if you are unable to accept your delivery.
7.4. Please note that some of our vehicles are large. Please make sure that your property has the necessary means of access at the time of payment. Please discuss any special delivery instructions with your consultant. If the location of the delivery is not accessible by our delivery truck, it is your responsibility to provide transportation from the truck to the location of delivery.
7.5. On delivery, a two- or three-person crew will arrive and deliver your order to the room of your choice, provided there is safe or acceptable access. Please assist us by clearing pathways and removing ornaments and other objects that might get in the way.
7.6. If the movers have difficulty placing an item in the area of your choosing due to limitations such as narrow halls, stairways, corners or ceiling heights, the items will be placed in another area of your home. If you insist the movers maneuver an item in a difficult situation, you will be responsible for any resulting damages to the furniture and the premises.
7.7. Packaging is normally removed and taken away unless you request us not to do so.
7.8. Products requiring assembly will be assembled on site by our trained personnel.
7.9. If your delivery cannot take place during our normal business hours, 9-5 Mon. – Fri, please call us and we will help you determine what to do.
7.10. If your delivery is taking place after our normal business hours please contact our consultant at the specific branch and they will help you determine what to do. The phone number will be provided before your scheduled delivery time. If you have misplaced the number the delivery team will be able to give you the number.
7.11. Our delivery crews are instructed to not attempt delivery where damages may occur.
7.12. Unfortunately, they cannot remove doors or windows, or reconnect electrical equipment.
7.13. An adult must be available to sign and acknowledge receipt of the product — agreeing that the delivery is correct and the goods are in a satisfactory condition.

7.14. Expected Time Of Delivery.
7.14.1. The delivery times depends a great deal upon availability of Fabrics, leather and special part.
7.14.2. We average a 21 working days for delivery in all major centres. There is a great chance you will receive your items quicker and we will always do everything we can to ensure timely delivery. Please Note: These are estimates, not guarantees.
7.14.3. When it comes to delivery times, we are at the mercy of the factory and third party couriers. Normally we are able to pick up your furniture from the factory within 2-3 weeks of your order. At that point your furniture will be on the next truck to your area which is every week to all major centres.
7.14.4. If we see there’s going to be an unusual delay in your shipment, we will notify you
Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs
7.14.5. You will be notified when your furniture arrives at the distribution centre and a delivery will be scheduled shortly thereafter.
7.14.6. The movers travel hundreds of miles and make numerous deliveries. The delivery service will make every effort to meet your scheduled delivery time, but please remember delays may occur due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control.
7.14.7. If your order is undeliverable for any reason, the furniture will not be delivered and you will be charged with the freight charge and will be responsible for collecting your furniture from our warehouse

7.15. You may, of course, choose to pick up your furniture directly from our distribution centre yourself or have it delivered through another delivery service or carrier. While this procedure is welcomed, you should be aware any furniture picked up in this manner will be treated as an “AS IS” purchase and may not be returned for any reason.Lead time from our Distribution Centre (DC) to the selected store is dependent on stock availability and store location. Please ask your store consultant to advise on lead time. The store will arrange and confirm the collection with the you. Please inspect the items on collection and make sure that you sign the POD (proof of delivery). If you do not indicate any product defects on the POD, it will be assumed that stock was received in good order and in accordance with product specifications.

8.1. All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only. Manufacturer shall not be liable for delays in completion or shipment or default in delivery for any reason of force majeure or for any cause beyond Manufacturer's reasonable control including, but not limited to,
(a) Government action, war, riots, civil commotion, embargoes or martial laws,
(b) Manufacturer's inability to obtain necessary materials from its usual sources of supply,
(c) Shortage of labor, raw material, production or transportation facilities or other delays in transit,
(d) Labor difficulty involving employees of Manufacturer or others,
(e) Fire, flood or other casualty, or
(f) Other contingencies of manufacture or shipment.
In the event of any delay in Manufacturer's performance due in whole or in part to any cause beyond Manufacturer's reasonable control, Manufacturer shall have such additional time for performance as may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances. Acceptance by Buyer of any goods shall constitute a waiver by Buyer of any claim for damages on account of any delay in delivery of such good

Product assembly by customer is not recommended. HFD do not accept responsibility for items damaged due to incorrect assembly by a customer. Such items will not be considered for returns or refunds.

If you are not able to receive your order, HFD is not able to store it for you.
HFD will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your furniture while in our care after you have been notified of required collection or delivery and unable to receive the goods. HFD reserves the right to charge storage fees for any incomplete deliveries and this will be payable before completing your delivery. Please liaise with your consultant should you not be in a position to receive your goods.
Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs

Vouchers are valid only for the period as stipulated on the voucher. Vouchers can only be redeemed in-store. Vouchers are not refundable. Unfortunately, lost vouchers cannot be replaced.
Vouchers are valid for 1 year in terms of the CPA

All discount offers exclude “Promotional items” or “Sale items” unless otherwise specified. All pricing can be confirmed on the business system. All sales stock are subject to being available while stocks last

Except as specified herein, Manufacturer warrants that any goods sold here under will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for one (3) year. This warranty does not apply to damage or breakage resulting from misuse, accidents, abuse, neglect, mishandling or wear resulting from normal use. Defective products will be replaced within the normal production time period required to reorder and manufacture the same product. The warranty does not extend to the fabric or leather used on upholstery items as it is subject to wear and tear which is associated with the usage and treatment in the customer's environment and this is beyond the manufacturer's control

The frame construction and craftsmanship carry a 2-year warranty on defective workmanship. A warranty is not offered on leather or fabric as these are subject to wear and tear and beyond HFD control.
HFD uses natural full-grain leather. Therefore, certain variations may occur. Dye lots may vary resulting in slight color variations. No two hides are identical. Scratch marks, stretch marks, brand marks, scuff marks and tick bite marks are characteristics of natural full-grain leather and are often visible. These are not defects but are considered to add character to the leather.
Some products are made from reclaimed, recycled or salvaged wood and will therefore have nicks, marks and imperfections. Some products may have holes, cracks and metal visible and are most often handcrafted — creating character that is part of the look and/or design. These are not defects, signs of damage or poor quality. Some products are not sealed and therefore care needs to be taken during day to day use.
Munggur wood products have a very high moisture content. It is therefore recommended that these products are not placed on carpets or other surfaces where staining could occur.
Organic teak is a natural product which has not been kiln-dried. Therefore, some residual moisture may remain. It is recommended that these products are not placed on carpets or other surfaces where staining could occur.
Terms of Trade with Haven Furniture Designs
While every effort is made to ensure that the product you buy, including timber, fabric and leather products corresponds as closely as possible to the sample shown in our stores or on our website, slight differences may occur. We regret that no responsibility can be accepted for variations which add to the unique characteristics of HFD products. Furniture and lighting are handmade and therefore is subject to slight variations.


The manufacturer requires payment for any shipment here under in advance. If Buyer fails to make payment in accordance with the terms of this agreement or otherwise fails to comply with any provision hereof, Haven Furniture Designs may, at its option, cancel any un-shipped portion of this order, retain the goods and declare a forfeiture of the deposit as liquidated damages. In the alternative, Haven Furniture Designs shall have the right to appropriate and apply the goods to payment due here under. Haven Furniture Designs may proceed to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods at public or private sale for cash or credit; provided, however, that Buyer shall be credited with the proceeds of such sale only when the proceeds are received by Haven Furniture Designs. If any notification or intended disposition is required by law, such notification shall be deemed reasonably and properly given if mailed at least ten days before such disposition, postage prepaid, to Buyer at the Buyer's address set forth on the face side hereof. Any proceeds of the goods may be applied by Haven Furniture Designs to the payment of expenses and costs to exercise Manufacturer's rights here under, and any balance of such proceeds shall be applied against Buyer's account in such order as HFD shall determine in its sole discretion. Buyer will remain liable for the balance of all unpaid accounts.


HFD makes every effort to ensure that the information we provide is correct. However, we cannot be held responsible for any form of misprint or defect. Details of your order should be checked and confirmed by yourself when your order is placed and signed off (We do not hold ourselves responsible for any incorrect orders placed).

Unless any applicable law prescribes otherwise, any agreement made with HFD to buy a product or a connected service, shall be governed by the laws applicable to South Africa.