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Johannesburg based company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of individually designed custom built bespoke furniture – Sofa, beds, dining chairs, tables, office furniture, walk in wardrobes, mirrors, picture art, built in wardrobes, alcove shelving, alcove units, book cases, cupboards, etc…

With many years experience in the bespoke furniture industry, we are confident in producing the best possible furniture for truly remarkable value for money. We work in and around Johannesburg.


Our experienced carpenters and upholsterers only use premium materials and sustainably sourced wood to create a custom-made product of rare for you

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We provide individual consultation to help you plan and design your furniture piece. Our expert knowledge means that we can make every wish possible!


At Haven Furniture all our products can be modified extensively to suit your style and needs as well as your layout, take a look at some of our completed products on our portfolio pages here

All our furniture is made to order upon exact measurements of your home. One of our designers will work with you on your project, helping you to choose the style, colours, finishes and structure best suited to your interior and needs.

Confirmation of the choices you’ve made: visual design, fittings, materials, colours, lighting – everything in your project should be right as you want it to be.

Upon signing the contract you secure production by paying 50% of the total cost, and your furniture proceeds to manufacturing. Only one step left! Your furniture is delivered and installed on the day of delivery by our specialist furniture fitters.

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Caring For Your Furniture

* Before banishing kids,pets and friends from the living room, consider all of the sensible, yet stylish choices designed for busy households like yours.

* Choose the right fabric

* Learn how to clean your furniture

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Custom Designs

Send us a picture of your desired design and we'll give you a quote. Also include dimensions


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