Re-Cycle Your Old Furniture

When your furniture is of a good quality but has seen better days, reupholstery is the ideal solution. It’s the perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design.

Reupholstery doesn’t just mean recovering your furniture in the latest fabrics. Using the expertise of traditional craftspeople, Plumbs will painstakingly strip back your furniture down to its original frame and bring out the unique features you first fell in love with.

We will:

  • Carefully remove all existing upholstery down to the bare wood

  • Inspect the frame and tighten all joints where necessary

  • Replace webs and springs as required

  • Replace all old padding and stuffing where required

  • Make design changes to modernise your sofa style.

  • Alter the sofa to make it higher, wider, firmer softer.

  • Finally, reupholster your chair, sofa or footstool in the fabric of your choice

We call it reupholstery, You’ll call it a new sofa.

1. Choose Your Fabric

Choosing your upholstery fabric is your first step. In our fabric category you can choose the design, colour or interior style.

3. Collected With Care

Our expert craftsmen will collect your furniture from your home. After stripping it right back to the frame, they will tighten it, replace or readjust the springs before restuffing and re-upholstering it.

2. Get Your Quote

Our design team are always here to discuss your re-upholstery needs. We can help to match fabrics with your existing scheme and suggest the trimmings and finishing touches that your furniture deserves.

4. Returned to Your Door

Your pre-loved piece will be returned to you with a new lease of life, lovingly re-upholstered to create a unique piece for your home that you can enjoy for many more years to come.